Thursday 6 June 2013

This is the second time in two weeks my body has reacted to a mosquito bite by trying to grow another being out of it! First it was a golf ball size growth on my knee, time it’s an island shaped, raised fluid filled mass on my shin! It’s awful! Excruciatingly itchy and painful when I walk, not to mention unsightly!

The bite happened during the night and all I remember is waking up with an awful pain and my leg going dead, kind of like the feeling you get when you have blood taken from your arm at the hospital. Except this time it was a little piece of evil, also known as a mosquito sucking blood from my leg! Throughout the night I woke up with the pain and the itching! Only to wake up and discover a massive red swollen mass on my leg!

tigermosquito I had to go out to the store to get some cream for it to ease the itching wearing a skirt because it got too irritated when I wore pants earlier in the day. I was wincing as I walked. I’m already gaijin, I don’t need any more attention from having a bright red abscess growing out of my leg!

 Anyway today before the painfulness of this thing on my leg I went out and actually did some useful life admin. This included going to the city office and getting them to take me out of the pension scheme that they needlessly signed me up for. Telling them I was leaving Japan at the end of the month definitely helped them not ask me any follow up questions or make me fill out any more pointless forms. After this I went to book my ticket for the airport limousine. Finally, it’s going to be me on that airport limousine driving past my apartment block and out of Tokyo!

Despite the hotel where the airport limousine departs from being so close to my place, the walk there in the heat was so hot and I was wearing long pants, which made the hideous thing on my leg grow another continent.  I hope when I wake up tomorrow it has healed itself or at least gone down a bit.

It’s getting so hot and humid making it hard to sleep at night and the itchiness of this thing doesn’t help. Also, I’ve started dreaming about earthquakes again as there have been a couple of small ones this past week and I’ve been pretty stressed out prior to my decision to leave Japan. As if it wasn’t hard enough to sleep, one of my housemates decided to hang a wind chime on the balcony right outside my window. Is there a more annoying or more eerie sound than a wind chime? All I can think about is creepy, old witch-like women rocking on a chair on the porch of their dilapidated shack-house and there is ALWAYS a wind chime hanging which jingles and jangles hauntingly in the wind right before shit’s about to go down.

My housemate who hung the wind chime sleeps in the bed furthest away from the window so I imagine it doesn’t bother her. As for me, I don’t like to hear unnecessary, irritating noises when I sleep like a ticking clock, or a fucking wind chime. I decided not to be a bitch straight away and I’ve left it hanging, but the first night it was there low and behold I kept waking up if not from the heat and the pain of my mozzie bite then from the jingle, jangle of the damn thing.

 I don’t know how much longer I can put up with it before I end up smashing it in a sleepless rage…perhaps I should politely ask her if she can hang it inside near her own bed to avoid any unpleasantness…


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