I have literally never had this much cheese in my fridge, which is something I never thought I would say in Japan. Japanese cheese is shit, rubbery and tasteless, whereas all imported cheese is extremely expensive for a tiny slither of the stuff! Which is why I almost never buy it, I just can’t affordi it. But right now I have 5 different kinds of cheese in my fridge…and that makes me very happy.


The reason? I stopped caring. Recently I just got sick of being without, so I started spending shit loads of money on cheese since about two weeks ago. I didn’t even care if it meant I was poor come the end of the month! Also at work we have started each cooking for each other on a different day of the week and I like to use cheese as a treat for everyone, making things like like feta salad. Two of the cheeses were also donations . Recently my bosses Dutch cousin visited Tokyo and brought her loads of delcious REAL Dutch cheese. But my boss went on holiday and couldn’t use it all up before she left, and so lucky for me, she let me have it. One was from the lovely intern at work who lives in a suburb outside of Tokyo where all groceries are cheaper ,including cheese, so she bought me some and delivered it to me at work, thus becoming my cheese dealer!

My diet for the past couple of weeks has consisted of nothing but cheese, bread, peanut butter, yogurt, fruit and vegetables! And fruit isn’t cheap either! God how I miss eating a variety of protein. I used to eat eggs here in the same capacity that I eat cheese, but I got bored of them. As for tofu, it doesn’t interest me so much. I like it yes, but I find it difficult to cook well and make it flavourful and recently I haven’t been doing any cooking at all except for people at work, and even that has been just salads or pasta! Not real cooking! I’ve become so lazy about it. I think it’s because i know I’m leaving now and I hesitate to buy too much food and ingredients. Especially when I now have so much cheese to use up in my fridge! Cheese is a luxury in Japan, it is not to be wasted.

And I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste such god damn expensive cheese!


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