Wednesday 5 June 2013

Despite today being the day at work when I told my boss I wanted to leave Japan way earlier than expected, I had such a wonderful day. Firstly my boss was so very understanding about my leaving as she has known about my feelings about living in Japan for some time. She was also very complimentary about me as her assistant and suggested working out a way I can work for her remotely from London, something I am very eager to do as well, as mentioned in a previous post.

We then went to an interior design fair that neither of us could actually be bothered to go to in the morning. But half an hour before we left, my boss remembered that there was a boat we could get there instead if spending 40 minutes on two tube trains in the heat. We dashed into a taxi and made the boat which was not only cheaper and faster than the tube, but so much more pleasant. It made me feel like I was on holiday. I love it when I feel like I’m on holiday in Japan.


view from the boat…it was kind of like the Thames Clipper in London…

The fair itself was extrememly well done and well laid out and the organiser was a very cool Japanese chick. We ran into an interior designer friend got a snack and all took the boat back together, grabbing some frozen yogurt at the other end. It’s quite rare here to see frozen yogurt places, it seems this craze has not yet hit Japan!

the interior design fair...

the interior design fair…

When we got back to the office the day continued to be productive and we made some sales!

We ended the day sitting on the roof drinking tea and eating delicious cake made by the lovely intern, discussing how to move forward. These are the kinds of days at work I will miss. They make me sad to leave Japan. But being happy at work is not enough. After deciding to leave Japan I feel the same relief I felt after I decided to leave Hakuba early to come to Tokyo. I know leaving Japan is the right decision.


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