I’m Clare, I’m 23 years old and after a 7 month stay in Tokyo during my year abroad for my Japanese language degree, I have decided to go back to Japan.

My mission being, get good at Japanese, oh, and delay having to enter the real world and figure out what I ACTUALLY want to do for a career (ooo scary!) And also, kind of to prove to people (and myself) that there are more jobs out there in Japan for us gaijin, than just teaching English. And I found it, in the form of cheap, manual labour! disguised as working on a fun, quirky, Nagano ski resort with other foreigners.

Now I’m back in Tokyo working at a photography gallery part-time and doing some proof reading and very occasional extras work on the side! My new mission is to get some awesome work experience, meet new people, try new things, visit new places and basically enjoy the hell out of Japan until I come back to the ol’ smoke London town in October 2013.

Anyway, it’ll be a hoot, an adventure! So read all about it!


contact: clare@clarejones.co.uk


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